W e   h a v e   s p e c i a l   c u s t o m i z e d   p a c k a g e s   f o r   t h e   i n s t i t u t i o n a l   a n d   b u s i n e s s   e n t i t i e s.

What is chq.lk?

This is an online cheque printing software in Sri Lanka. It supports printing on all cheques issued by any Sri Lankan commercial bank. Any individual or a business entity could use this online facility together with their existing printer in order to print on their cheques.

As you are aware the cheque writing software that are in the market are expensive and would require special hardware items like printers in order to do this task.

But in www.chq.lk its easy and almost free….

How to use?
  1. Just register in www.chq.lk
  2. Select a package which suite your requirement
  3. Our basic package is absolutely free and our other packages are reasonably priced
  4. Just follow up the steps in this website
  5. Fill the details such as date, payee details, etcaccording to your requirement
  6. Once your printer is ready, you could then insert the cheque into the printer and get the above information printed on the cheque
Why chq.lk?
  1. www. www.chq.lk is the one and only free online facility available in Sri Lanka for this purpose
  2. It supportsprinting on any cheque issued by all the Commercial Banks in the country
  3. Basic facility is absolutely free and anybody could use the facility to professionalise their businesses
  4. You can receive SMS alerts and email alerts as remainders on your payments in popular & premium packages

Our Packages


Absolutely free
Supports any cheque issued by all the commercial banksin Sri Lanka
Facility to print all the information needed on a cheque
24 hour support
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cheque printing software


Prefered Version Rs
In addition to all the options in Basic package
Facility to enter and keep records of payees
Payment history checking
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cheque printing software


All Included Rs
In addition to all the options in Popular package
Customised reports on your
payment history
SMS alerts & email alert 
for reminders
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cheque printing software
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